Tips for Driving With a Trailer Part Seven

  • Monday, September 3rd, 2012
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Likewise this extra weight on your car is going to affect you in other ways again. For instance it means that you are going to take longer to break when your car comes to a stop. This gives you one other reason to drive a little further behind the cars in front than you might normally, and once again gives you more reason to go slowly. Those who remember their physics will know that more weight = more momentum, so slowing down is something you need to plan further in advance.

One thing to consider here when driving with your cargo trailers then is simply to leave as early as possible for where you need to be. If you leave earlier then you will be in less of a hurry thus meaning you can drive slower and still get there on time and without any panic.

Likewise this kind of pre-planning can help in other ways when you have utility trailers. For instance you should always make sure that your car is in the top possible condition before you set off on a long journey.

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