Types of Trailers and safety while moving your Car

The type of trailer used depends on things like cost efficiency, protection needed for the car, availability in the trailer stores, type of car etc. The choices can be made amongst the following options.
– Enclosed trailer:: attached to both tractor trailer and hotshot, particularly useful when complete protection for the car is needed from the weather and road elements. The cost of using such enclosed trailers for the transportation of the car might cost twice as compared to the open type of trailers used.
– Open car transport trailers:: A good alternative when planning to ship the car as they cost less, but not good means when you need complete protection for expensive and delicate cars. There are several options available. There can be trailers that fully or partially expose the car to the elements when shipped on an open trailer.
Along with these it is also important to know if the transporter is registered with the Department of Transportation and carriers have liability and cargo insurance. The amount of coverage varies from transporter to transporter but a written proof of a transporter’s coverage should always be obtained before hiring them. Also confirm insurance information before handing over the car to them.

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