Types of car trailers

Hauling cars around is something that some people do for a living. There is money to be made in transporting cars around. People now days buy and sell all kinds of stuff over the internet. This includes the sale of cars and trucks. You can live a thousand miles away from the car you just bought online and have a person transport your car to you on a car trailer. There are two types of car trailers out there. There is the enclosed style and the open style. The open style car trailer is the one that is used the most.

Most cars will be hauled on this type of trailer because it is cheaper. If you was to buy a car online and want it hauled on an enclosed trailer you would pay more. The same goes for when you buy an enclosed trailer, you will pay more but you get the added benefit of knowing that your car is protected from the elements. This just can give you peace of mine that your car is safe. A open trailer will not protect your car from much debris like a enclosed trailer will. If you want to haul a car around and make sure it is safe then buy an enclosed car trailer.

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