Trucks and trailer choices to move your car

There are majorly two trailer types that are used for car transport service. They are:-
– tractor trailer trucks
– a pick-up style truck, which are also called a ‘hotshot’.
Cost wise, tractor trailers are usually a better choice for discount from trailer stores and auto shipping. They may cost less because they haul more number of vehicles at once and are also slower and have a hard time navigating residential areas. Also, the loading and unloading the car from a tractor trailer need open parking lot.
Although the Hotshot trucks are more expensive, they can deliver the vehicle faster than the Tractor trailers. They are also not very difficult while navigating through the neighborhood streets or while loading or unloading the car.
Deciding the trailer type
It is important to decide the type of trailer needed while transporting the car whatever option amongst tractor trailer or hotshot truck be used. There can be enclosed trailers or open car transportation trailers. The choices are simply based on the fact if you want your car protected from weather, sunlight, heat, rain, moisture, dirt and road elements etc., the best option is using an enclosed trailer, but they can be expensive.

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