Trailer Modifications

Modifications in the trailers to facilitate transportation of goods of various types have brought about the development and production of different kind of trailer assemblies. Some trailers are made for personal/ small scale use whereas some trailers are a part of large truck called semi-trailer truck for transportation of cargo. They can be made with practically any powered vehicle having an appropriate hitch. The following are a few modifications:-
– Enclosed toy trailers and motorcycle trailers towed by commonly accessible pickup truck or van.
– To allow varying size of the towing vehicles Utility trailers and travel trailers come in single and multiple axle varieties.
– Similarly Genset trailers and their ilk fall under the category of highly specialized trailers that are used to power the towing vehicle.
– Some of them are custom-built to hold entire kitchens in case of the mobile hotels and chef’s kitchen etc by the vendors. They may also carry some other specialized equipment used by carnival vendors.
– A few frame trailers are also used as trailers for hauling boats. They can be attached behind any car to carry the boats to any of the exotic location in the country side, lakes or beaches.

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