Towing Race Cars | Common Causes Of Accidents

  • Thursday, February 26th, 2015
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Many car owners will frequently need to tow their race cars from one place to another. For instance, when you are going for a race far from where you are based, the prospect of having to drive your race car to that location might not be promising. This may increase the chances of having the car damaged en route, which means that you might not participate in the activity after all. In addition to that, most of such cars tend to be uncomfortable, which means that driving them long distances might not be effective. Finally, you might find that you are not legally allowed to drive the car on public roads, and doing so might become expensive if you are fined.

In all such cases, using a race car trailer to move the car is often the best option. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that the car is as safe as possible during transit, and that the trip is more comfortable for all involved. If you are thinking of doing this, it would be wise to consider some of the common things that lead to accidents when moving the car. Understanding such issues will go a long way in ensuring that you avoid placing yourself in a position where you are at risk, and that you also risk the lives of the other road users. Some of these include:


Not tethering the car down properly

When you put the race car in the trailer, you will need to have it tethered down to prevent it from moving around. When this is not done, the movement of the race car in the trailer will affect the dynamics of the vehicle moving it. For instance, when you are turning, there might be an increased risk of the trailer slewing across the road, leading to an accident or injury to the other road users. For this reason, tethering the car down should never be taken for granted. Some of the things you can do to ensure that it’s in place include:

• Use the recommended tethers: There are tethers that are recommended for this sort of application. Chances are that when you buy or rent the trailer, you will be provided with them. Always try to use the standard tethers, rather than improvising. When doing the latter, you might choose a tether that is not strong enough to keep the car in place.

• Check for nicks in the tethers before use: Before using tethers to tie the car down, inspect them to find out if there are any nicks in them. These act as a point of weakness that can result in the tether breaking particularly if the car is subjected to too much movement. If you find that there are significant nicks in the tethers, consider replacing them first.

• Use the correct method: There is a method that is supposed to be used when tying the car down to the trailer. Find out what this method is before doing so, particularly if you are carrying this out for the first time. You can get the instructions on how to do this either online or in the manual you receive with the trailer.

Driving too exuberantly

Your driving method can influence the safety of other road users. Driving too exuberantly, such as by stamping on the breaks and accelerating too roughly, could lead to a lot of strain in the tethers holding the car down. If they are not of high quality, this might cause them to break resulting in loss of control of the entire vehicle. Always try to use a gentle approach when driving. This is not only safer, but is also likely to be more economical.

Not connecting the trailer to your car properly

You will need to connect the trailer with the race car to the car you are using for towing. How you do this will go a long way in determining the safety profile of the vehicle. Always ensure that you inspect the components that are used to connect the trailer to the car before doing so. If you are hitching the trailer for the first time in your life, it’s wise to find out how it’s supposed to be done. You may also need to be more careful with how you drive in such cases, so as to avoid the risk of accidents.

Using the wrong vehicle to tow

Once you decide that you are going to tow a race car, always make sure that you get the right vehicle to do the towing. Well, using a vehicle that is not built to do so will result in damage to that car, as well as an increased risk of accidents.

All in all, it should not be very difficult for you to tow a race car if you wanted to. The key is to make sure that all the above issues are identified as potential threats, and dealt with accordingly.

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