Tips For Light Travel In A Travel Trailer

  • Friday, June 22nd, 2012
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When traveling in a travel trailer, it is good to keep everything as compact and light as possible. You should ensure that you strike the right balance by having the bare essentials in a compact form. One great benefit of the trailer is saving money by eating “in”.

You do not have to rely on restaurants since you can prepare meals using basic cooking tools and utensils. Find multipurpose utensils to reduce the kitchen clutter but still have everything that you need. Compared to living out of a suitcase, the trailer may seem room but by reducing your wardrobe will ensure you have some extra room for unexpected purchases and basic comfort in the travel trailer.

It is wise to think in the backpacker style and reduce your luggage to the essentials. As a rule, just make a list of all items you think you need and then include it on the list. Use fast drying fabric like micro fiber, washable silk or premium nylon. If you have wrinkle free fabrics it will save you having to carry an iron box. Alternatively, you can use wrinkle release spray which is easier to pack than an ironing board and box. It is very possible to have a great time while on the road with just bare essentials.

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