Tips for Driving With a Trailer Part Three

  • Monday, September 3rd, 2012
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Again here the rule of thumb here should always be that if you aren’t certain – you should avoid trying. If you need to get out and look then fine – just don’t cross your fingers and hope for the best. Often that can seem like the easiest way to find out but if it means you need to go back to the trailer shop, or that you cause an accident, then you’ll wish you’d taken longer to make sure you’d fit.

The length of the trailer meanwhile will impact you when you want to go round corners and you might even find that some roundabouts and corners aren’t feasible. Go slowly and make sure they’re okay before you try to force your way around.

Bear in mind also that your box trailers’ or cargo trailers‘ size isn’t only going to affect the way you drive, but also the way that other people drive. If you have cargo trailers on the back of your car then this means that your car will drag further behind you. This will often mean that the cars behind you drive closer and that they have less time to react. It will also mean that they are less able to overtake.

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