The new era of Multi Utility Vehicles- Enclosed Trailers

  • Friday, May 18th, 2012
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The enclosed trailers are widely used for a variety of works ranging from car hauling, motor bike trailing, vintage automobile transportation, equipment trailers and utility trailers. A perfect addition for any new business with the smallest of the cargos hauled easily. An enclosed trailer can help protect your valuable cargo from the adverse weather conditions. Heavy rains and snow can etch your favorite motorbike or discolor your vintage automobile. You wouldn’t want to comprise on storing your expensive car in an ordinary trailer. They can be accessorized with more add-ons like tracks, rings, tie-downs, shelving, or flooring to increase the overall functionality of these trailers. And customized with floor and wall mount D-Rings, shelving, cabinets, lighting, electrical packages, side entry doors, steps and ramps to make your very own trailer a perfect one that suits your needs and your business. These are the tips on choosing the best enclosed trailer with the guidelines to find the best trailer for your purpose.

Car fabricators or car body shops wanting a trailer to move their manufactured cars to a new location will need a car hauling trailers- 8.5 feet in width and 16 feet long trailers and can extend up to 53 feet. The chopper shops opt for trailers with 7’x14′ V-nose tandem axle as a popular size for toy haulers. If your work is more on mining sites, construction projects and onsite workload can choose the equipment trailer with about 12-16 foot long trailer to store all the equipments used for these site works. The last time you moved and saw the moving company logo on their truck, yes that was a moving trailer, used mostly to help you shift all your furniture, upholstery and other valuable goods. These trailers are about 12-38 ft in size with a size that surely fits your entire furniture.

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