Single Vs. Multi Car Trailers … What to use?

The safety or the way your car would be protected from the elements, its handling etc also depends on the type of transportation method used. Weather enclosed trailer or the open type, they can always be of the following types:
– Multi-car trailers: trailers that carry as few as three to as many as twelve vehicles at once. This surely reduces the cost to a great extent for the customers as well as the trailer stores/transportation company. But they might take more time to deliver the car. You would also need to go and pick up the car in such cases. In case of a two floor trailer you’ll also have to take care if your car is on the top or bottom rack. As there can be oil leakage from the above cars when your car is at the bottom floor and on the other hand, chances of being hit and scratched by other trees and above elements when on the top rack.
– Single car trailers: They can again be open or enclosed trailers (like the race car trailers). Typically used when a car needs to be delivered quickly and safely. Transports only one car at a time and is hence also very costly.

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