8.5x16 Tandem Axle Enclosed Trailers

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8.5×16 LOOK Enclosed Trailers

Our tandem-axle 8.5×16 LOOK enclosed trailers are the perfect car-hauling machines for your car show or competition. However, the best feature of these attractive trailers are the space they can provide for your hauling needs. They are ideal for transporting big machinery or large materials, plus with a myriad of features such as LED taillights, 4-wheel electric brakes, and more, our tandem-axle 8.5×16 LOOK enclosed trailers are heavy-duty machines ready to handle the toughest jobs. Yucaipa Trailers offers a three-year warranty on our LOOK enclosed trailers, and the quality of manufacturing in our products ensures that you can put them to the test. See why our trailers offer the best performance.

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