Open or enclosed landscape trailer?

  • Friday, May 18th, 2012
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Most startup business start with minimum requisite, an enclosed trailer is one such essential. While most start with a truck only to upgrade to a trailer later, at a certain point you may be asking yourself what’s better to have an open or enclosed trailer and why? Some of the pros and cons of an enclosed trailer are as follows-

The ability of these trailers to lock the goods inside the trailer offers security to your customer goods. The goods are protected from the rains and a potential damage of the goods. It helps boost your business by providing a larger area to advertise and promote their business as a brand by putting their logo and adding their contact details both name and phone number. Better gas mileage can be achieved due to the increased slipstreaming. Items can be kept in an organized way by adding shelves and storage compartment. Your goods are also protected from rocks that are kicked by the truck. Cargo is protected from the harsh winters.

Fuel economy is the major concern of this type of trailers as the weight of the trailer adds to the total weight of the vehicle. One of the major disadvantages of an enclosed trailer along with the increased cost is the increased weight due to the addition of the axle and the tongue. The inability to load it from the top causes a lot of issues. It does not ventilate properly when wet grass or fuel fumes or fish products have been moved. Due to the lack of ventilation these vehicles also suffers from issues like overheating which can degrade products if the trailer stores any natural products. It reduces the freedom of movement as the space is constraint.

The negatives are offset by the visibility that an enclosed trailer offers and hence an enclosed trailer is more preferred over the open trailers.

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