Open and enclosed motor cycle trailers

Open trailers
Open motorcycle trailers are used as utility trailers for general purposes. You can use these trailers for hauling any item. The open motorcycle trailers for sale are available in the flat bed form or as open rail- type. These trailers are light weighted and are less expensive than the closed type. The main drawback of open type trailers for motor cycles is that it does not give protection to your bike from dust, dirt and weather. The open trailers are also available in the foldable and semi- foldable versions. If it is difficult to accommodate it in your driveway, it is better to get a foldable trailer.

Enclosed trailers
These are long trailers with garage space at the rear for motor cycles. These motor cycle trailers are best for camping purposes. The enclosed trailers give complete protection from sun, rain, thieves and dirt. The enclosed motorcycle trailers for sale are available for general purposes as well as for specialized uses. There are specialized motor cycle trailers that can hold one or two bikes which need special treatment. The motor cycles used in rallies are usually transported using these specialized trailers. They have clam shell shape and it can fit in to any standard garage.

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