Motorcycle Trailers: 6 Reasons Why Buying Is Better Than Renting

  • Saturday, January 31st, 2015
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If you are planning to move your motorcycle from one point to the next, you have some options to consider. Most people automatically think about renting motorcycle trailers. While renting might seem like the best option, it is not always the most convenient or even the cheapest solution. You should explore other options bearing in mind that buying can be much better than renting. The truth is that renting a trailer for a week or more can end up costing more than buying a used trailer. As long as you are sure that you are buying the trailer from someone reliable, you can end up saving money.

Apart from the one time rental cost, you have to remember that you might need to transport the motorcycle several times. Anyone involved in competitive riding or who loves vacation rides knows that a trailer will come in handy. If you will need a trailer several times in a year, buying is a much smarter idea as rental prices will end up exceeding the price tag. It is also a fact that trailer rental can be very unreliable. Following are some reasons why you should choose buying rather than renting.

You own the trailer!

Ownership is by far the best reason to choose buying over renting. Nothing comes close to knowing that you have the trailer any time that you need it. You will not have to worry about details like where to find one and whether it meets your specifications. When you invest in your own trailer, you can transport your trailer anywhere and at any time, without worrying about some rental conditions. You can also use the trailer for storage and to haul other items that you need to transport.

Your favorite model

When buying the trailer, you can decide whether to buy an open or enclosed model. Instead of settling for what is available on the lot, which happens when you need to rent, you can choose exactly what you need. You do not have to use a trailer that is not suitable for your bike. You have to remember that you are trying to transport your valuable motorcycle the safest way possible. By choosing a trailer that will suit your specifications, you can be sure that your bike will be safe during the journey.

A personalized trailer

Another cool thing about buying your own trailer is that you can personalize it any way you like. This means that you can spruce it up both inside and outside to suit your personality and your requirements. The extra storage in the enclosed model will allow you to haul other items. There are things that you can do with your own trailer that you cannot do with a rental. If you want to add extra racks and other accessories, you are free to do so. You can even put graphics on the exterior, revealing your team logo, and other information like sponsorships. All this is not possible with a rental.

Access to trailer maintenance services

When you buy the trailer from a reputable dealer, you have access to parts and accessories that you need. You can even benefit from services such as free minor repair services. By being able to access the items that you need to keep your trailer in the best condition, you do not have to worry about transport problems. If you do not get what you need, the dealership may be able to order it for you. Having your own trailer will give you the flexibility that you need to get the most from your investment.

Quality and durability

One thing about renting a motorcycle trailer is that you cannot be sure about the quality you are paying for. The fact that you do not know the trailer’s condition or be sure it is in good shape can be risky. When you buy your own trailer, you do not have to worry about getting equipment that is in bad shape. What you may not know about trailer rentals is if the trailer is damaged or in good shape. You should not trust your valuable motorcycle to a trailer that may not be completely reliable as you could end up making a very costly mistake. When you buy the trailer, you can pay for durability and the best quality.

Benefit from expert advice

When you decide to buy a trailer, you can benefit from information that you do not otherwise receive when you choose to rent. You can find out everything there is to know about your investment. When you visit the dealership, the service you get is more than simply choosing the trailer and leaving. You will get information that will help you to make the best decision. When you shop in the right place, the sales staff is not interested in pressuring you to buy what you do not need. With the great customer service, you can make the right decision, depending on your needs and your budget.

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