Mobile Housing … more of a Utility than Facility

Derived from the travel trailer which is a small unit with wheels attached permanently (often used for camping) the history of mobile homes or Static caravans in US goes back to the early years of cars and motorized highway travel. They originally originated in England and were given the name ‘Caravans’. In the later years the larger units were also used as dwellings for several months or more in one location. They were later on called home trailers. Moving these houses is very easy. The can easily be towed by any motor, like any other utility or cargo trailer. The cargo trailers are also available on sale these days through any trailer store.
These are basically the prefabricated homes that are built in factories, rather than on site. They can then be moved to anyplace at convenience. They are ideal for the temporary housing requirements. They have also been used by the governments of various countries from time to time for providing immediate housing solutions to the people in times of emergencies and calamities. The best advantage with them is that they can be easily transported by tractor-trailers over public roads to sites wherever they are needed; May it be the rural areas or the high-density developments.

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