Introducing the MT2 Series from LS Tractor: the Highest Performance Compact Tractors Ever!

  • Thursday, August 17th, 2023
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The LS Tractor MT2 Series is the pinnacle of power, features, and dependability in the field of tiny tractors. The MT2 Series will go above and beyond your expectations if you’re looking for a small tractor that provides outstanding performance and a variety of cutting-edge features.

Compact Tractors at the Highest Level

LS Tractor’s MT2S Series offers an unparalleled degree of performance and quality. Customers that need high-performing and feature-rich compact tractors will benefit from this series. This tractor offers more than just power; it enhances every task with a host of premium amenities that come as standard.

The MT225S – 24.7HP is revealed

The MT225S, one of the stars of the MT2 Series, has a powerful 24.7 HP engine that still manages to be efficient. The MT225S is prepared to handle a multitude of tasks with ease thanks to its two-pedal hydrostatic transmission, luxury seat, flat operator platform, and high-capacity loader. This tractor is a great workhorse thanks to its 1,067 lb loader lift capacity and 1,896 lb hitch lift capacity. Additionally, the MT225S is set up for productivity and efficiency in every task with an engine HP of 24.7 and a PTO HP of 19.3 [1].

Introducing the MT240HE – 40 HP

The MT240HE, a 40HP model that epitomizes adaptability and innovation, is another model featured in the MT2 Series. This tractor is designed for comfort and convenience with features like 4WD (Front Wheel Mechanical Assist), independent PTO, dual pedal 3-range HST (Hydrostatic Transmission), and standard tilt & power steering. The front-end loader’s ergonomic design and fender-mounted joystick offer a comfortable ride, and the standard folding ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure) makes for simple storage. The MT240HE’s remarkable performance is aided by its user-friendly controls and 3-point hitch, which has a 1,808-lb lift capability [3].

Strengthen Your Tasks

The LS Tractor MT2 Series is made to help you do difficult farm labor, landscaping chores, or property maintenance jobs. These tiny tractors are your key to attaining excellent outcomes because to their cutting-edge ergonomic design, customizable features, and potent engine choices.

Learn about the LS Tractor MT2 Series to take your projects to a new level of effectiveness and performance.



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