How To Save Gas When Towing Your Motorbike This Summer

  • Monday, December 30th, 2013
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If you are one of the thousands of bike enthusiasts travelling to a track day or racing meet this summer, you’ll know just how expensive hauling a bike can be. While gas prices are at a two-year low, the excess fuel costs from towing a bike trailer can still add up. Here are five proven ways of using less gas while towing your motorbike.

#1. Check Your Tire Pressure

According to the AAA, underinflated tires can add 10 percent to your fuel bill. Check your car’s handbook for the recommended tire pressure. You’ll need the higher of the two pressures listed when towing a heavy trailer and don’t overlook the fact that these pressures are for cold tires. Many motorists lack their own pump and drive several miles to the nearest gas station to inflate their tires. This warms up the tires so they’ll need to be inflated one or two psi higher than stated. Don’t forget to check the tires on the trailer as well.

#2. Use A Fuel Station Locator

A decent open trailer will include an integrated chock for the front wheel of the bike and a ramp for loading and unloading the bike. If you are towing a motorcycle trailer, there’s not much you can do to minimize weight. There are, however, many websites and apps that help you compare the prices between different gas stations. Where possible you can plan your trip to refuel at stations where the prices are lower. You can also save fuel by planning your trip so that you won’t have to waste gas taking a detour just to fill up.

#3. Ditch The Roof Rack

Transporting items on the roof rack of your car or truck will cause you to use more fuel. While most people know that items stored on the roof rack will increase wind resistance, even the roof rack itself will cause excess drag. Where possible, consider storing items in your motorcycle trailer instead of on the roof. If you can, remove the roof rack.

#4. Use An Aftermarket Fuel Monitor

If you are serious about saving fuel you may not realize that the biggest factor is not your car but the way you drive. Most cars and trucks already have information about fuel economy displayed on the instrument gauge. If your vehicle lacks this feature, you can buy aftermarket fuel monitors such as the ‘Scan Gauge e’ that connect to your car’s OBD-II port and give you real time feedback about your fuel consumption. These devices turn saving fuel into a fun game and will teach you to drive in the most fuel-efficient way possible.

#5. Buy Or Rent An Enclosed Trailer

If you have a truck, you may already know that fitting a lid on the bed can cut fuel consumption. The same principle applies to trailers. According to one supplier of enclosed motorcycle trailers, the best way to save gas when towing a bike is to buy or rent an enclosed trailer. U-Haul cargo or enclosed trailers are lightweight and have better aerodynamics than open trailers. These trailers are engineered for better fuel economy meaning that you can save gas compared with towing your bike on an open trailer.

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