How To Choose The Perfect Trailer To Expand Your Lawn Care Business

  • Thursday, July 18th, 2013
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Expanding a lawn care business is an exciting time but a huge part of the decisions you make are your finances. We are a factory-direct trailer shop who have over 25 years experience of selling trailers nationwide and we think we know a thing or two about getting the best deal on trailers! We want to pass on our accumulated knowledge and wisdom to help you grow your business…today!

Do You Need A Trailer?

Trailers are far harder to tow than trucks are to drive and you increase the chance of clipping something, making an error when cornering and having people steal your equipment if you have an open trailer. Most residential or commercial jobs let you mulch, instead of bag grass trimmings so you may be better investing in a custom bed for your truck. It’s won’t cost that much more than a trailer and will replace the existing bed. Everything has its place, you just roll in the mower and it locks down, no ties or straps. The same goes for your strimmer, blower and tools – they are all safer in a custom truck bed and a truck is easier to drive.

The Devil’s In The Detail

Choosing the right trailer is harder than you might imagine and it’s a crucial investment decision. You have to plan not only for the equipment that you need to haul now, but for what you may need a few years down the line. If you go too cheap, you’ll be shelling out money on a new trailer so you must investigate the materials, construction, braking systems and suspension before making your purchase.

Open Or Enclosed Trailer?

Enclosed trailers are far costlier and you can’t top-load garden waste as you can with an open trailer. Given how much less expensive open trailers are, we’ll assume that it’s this type that you’ll be looking to expand your lawn care business with.


The most popular open lawn care trailer is 6’ by 12’ with a wooden bed and 2” by 2” steel tubing frame. An investment in a trailer of this size will be adequate for most small to medium sized landscaping businesses. The wooden bed will take a lot of abuse and the steel frame will give you the maximum strength possible for all your hauling needs. You’ll have plenty of space for all your equipment and also for any manner of garden waste that need to haul. As long as you don’t leave scratches in the paint unattended for rust to build up, this type of trailer will give you decades of use.

Customize Your Trailer

The main jobs you’ll need a trailer for are bush trimming and planting flowers. It makes sense to modify your trailer with racks to store equipment and racks to help you carry as many flowers as possible in one trip. Call us today to see what deals we can offer you. We provide fast, easy, 100 per cent no money down, same-day approval financing. There’s never been a better time to expand your lawn care business.

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