How To Choose The Perfect Trailer For Your Track Day Car

  • Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014
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Track days are becoming an increasingly popular option for motoring enthusiasts in California and the range of car trailers available is expanding quickly. As racetracks charge ever-lower fees, more and more car owners are seeing the benefits of unleashing the full potential of their machine safely and legally on a racetrack. The huge number of sites helping anyone to book and register at their nearest track day are leading many people to become hooked and invest in a dedicated track day car. Whether you already have a car and are looking for a trailer or are thinking about buying a car and wondering what ownership will entail, this guide will give you the lowdown on transporting your ride in style.

 Why Invest In A Race Car Trailer?


We all think that we’d love to own a million dollar supercar that can handle as well on the racetrack as it does on the road. However, anyone who has ever seen how impractical they are for day to day driving may think again. Although upgrading a regular car can prove economical for some motorists, racing enthusiasts often choose to invest in a dedicated track day car such as the Arial Atom that give supercar-like acceleration for motorbike money. MSN even compiled a list of eight such cars that cost under $10,000 each. Although some of these small, light, two-seater sports cars can be legally driven on the road, many enthusiasts choose to modify them to unleash their racing potential. Ultimately, this means that a racecar trailer is required to transport them to and from the racing track.

 Open Trailers: Best For Those On A Budget

If you seldom go to track days, renting a U-haul auto transport trailer is ideal for transporting your track day car. These types of trailers have easy-access loading ramps, security chains and ratchet-operated tire straps to transport your car safely to and from the track. Many track day enthusiasts choose to buy a new or secondhand trailer from a reputable supplier.

Be aware that if you lower the ground clearance of your track day car, you may need to invest in a modified loading ramp. Some people get around this by laying a 2×8 board on the ground against each ramp end. This raises the front wheels slightly so that the underside of the car isn’t damaged. A drawback of these open trailers is a distinct lack of storage area, low levels of security and no weather protection.

 Enclosed Trailer: Best For Regular Track Day Enthusiasts

If you regularly attend track days, you’ll need a fully enclosed aluminum-skin trailer. These are sold with deluxe electrical packages, LED lighting, workbenches and cabinets. They protect your car from the elements and even provide room to move around your car and complete work while you attend the track day. The added security makes these a must for any serious track day enthusiast.

 Gooseneck Car Haulers: Best For Serious Enthusiasts

Although a basic track-day car such as the Arial Atom can be picked up for under $50,000, specialist versions can cost over four times as much. With a car of this value, you’ll need a gooseneck car hauler to not only protect it but to give you room to work on the car and store necessary equipment. Trailers in this category have all frame cross members with one-piece aluminum roofs and living quarters inside. For trailers of this caliber, expect interior lighting, aluminum cabinets and all the space you need when you take your car to the track. These are the most comprehensive race car trailers for sale anywhere in the U.S.

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