Horse trailers should not scare horses

When you are choosing a horse trailer, will you stop to think if it scares the horses? Try to think like a horse and take a step into the horse trailer, to see how it feels for you. If you do not like being in that horse trailer, do you think the horse will enjoy it?

Try to find a horse trailer, which has enough light and room to make the horse feel comfortable. Horses are animals, but they will not be in good condition to work or perform, if they are being forced into a small dark horse trailer. It goes against their very instinct, to remain in a small confined space for a very long time. You might fail to notice it, but it will start to put the horse under a huge amount of stress, which might end up making the horse sick.

The amount of room in the horse trailer is also something, which you will need to look at. A horse needs to be able to move its head and neck for balance; you will also need space for it to spread its legs to keep itself stable, during transport. These are all things you need to consider before, buying that horse trailer.

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