General Handling Tips for Trailers

  • Monday, June 11th, 2012
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Driving a trailer is an experience that can be a little difficult for some, but it gets better as you go along. Understanding some of the general handling tips will make your life a bit easier, though. Be aware that there are books written about driving a vehicle with a trailer, but these will help you on handling aspect.

• Drive at a normal speed. Sway is more likely to happen at higher speeds.
• Only used sanctioned driving gear.
• Avoid any sudden stops or starts that can cause sliding, jackknifing, and skidding.
• Brake at a significantly longer distance.
• Always be prepared to slow down.
• Signal well in advance and allow extra distance to clear any vehicle.
• Try and always avoid the soft shoulder on narrow roads.
• Make wider turns at corners and curves
• Avoid erratic steering that could cause any instability
• Drive very slowly on bumpy roads

As earlier stated, there are a plethora of other tips that one should adhere to when they’re driving a trailer. To be safe and thorough in your research and implementation, be sure to read everything that you possibly can to protect you, your belongings, and other drivers while you’re operating a trailer.

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