Ensure Your Horse’s Well Being In The Horse Trailer

  • Thursday, April 5th, 2012
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The minute any horse steps into a trailer for transportation, he is fully dependent on you, for his well being. As a reliable owner, your horse’s well being should be the top most priority and you should commit to ensure that the horse is healthy and secure while traveling.

A good trailer should have good lighting and spacious enough to ensure the horse is comfortable. By putting the horse in a small and dark space, the horse will be put under stress which will end up making the horse sick. The horse should be able to move its neck, head and spread its legs for balance. You should also check the interior of the trailer and ensure that there is nothing that may scrape or poke the horse.

If the floor is wooden, it should be carefully examined to ensure it is safe and does not give in to the horse’s weight. The trailer should also be secured properly to the truck and during transportation you should periodically check the side mirrors. At rest stops, you should also check out the condition of the horse but be warned; you should never let the horse out to eat the grass. This is because the grass may be treated with chemicals that may cause serious colic. For lengthy trips, make advance places for safe stops where you can take the horse out like a friend’s house or a vet.

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