Enclosed horse trailers

When it comes to hauling horses around you will want an enclosed trailer. Enclosed horse trailers are what ever horse farmer uses to haul their horses around. You will rarely see any horse farmer hauling around their horses in a open style trailer. On the other hand a dairy farmer will haul cows around all the time in an open trailer. Horses are not like other animals and tend to need to be treated special it seems. They just do not take to the elements like other animals and they can also be spooked easier.

Sometimes you might see that horses have what are called blinders on them while riding in a trailer. Horses can get scared pretty easy and hurt themselves. So some horse farmers put on the blinders for the horses safety when riding around in the trailer. The trailer will keep them safe from the wind and rain but they may still get spooked by something and hurt themselves. Having an enclosed trailer is very important when it comes to hauling a horse around. It does not matter as much for other animals but some people like to used enclosed trailers even for cattle just for safety reasons.

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