Before handing over your car for transportation

While moving a car from one location to other (in car transport trailers), there are many things that are to be taken care of like the handling of the vehicle, protection from elements etc. There might also be an event of delay and transportation damage that is to be covered along with the accidental issues while transportation (in enclosed trailers). It is hence very important to consider all such issues before handing over the car to the car transporter. It is better to go for the trailer store/shops or transporters who are insured and provide risk coverage to all such accidental, damage and delay cases. Features like discounts, ease of booking and delivery etc are also to be considered as these features can make some transportation methods better than others.
One can also question the transporter about the trailer type (enclosed/open/single or multi car trailer) to be used, the auto transporter’s specific policies and procedures, if at all they meet their concrete timeline etc. It is wise to know the inspection, pick up, and delivery procedures along with any restrictions before handing over the vehicle to them. To be on the safer side also try and get a written contract and review it carefully.

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