Aluminum Trailers Vs. Standard Steel Hybrid Trailers

  • Friday, May 18th, 2012
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Buying of trailers is an expensive investment and to make the most out of this expenditure it is quintessential to understand exactly what you wish to buy and get out of this investment. It will be a good practice to well research about the type of trailer you want based on the material, space it offers, safety features included and even the other paraphernalia that will help you make the optimum use of your trailer. One of the few things that influence the difference in material required to build the trailer is based on the type of operations used and the cargo that will be carried. The most common materials used are aluminum and steel hybrid trailers, and the differences between the two are discussed below-

Aluminum trailers are more lightweight as compared to the standard hybrid steel, and hence can haul heavier load. Aluminum is less corrosive and hence offers resistance to weather changes due to wet and humid climates without affecting the cargo stored within the trailers. Aluminum trailers are considered to be “top of the line” materials in terms of fabrications and presentation and are the first choice for transporting valuable cars or vintage authentic cars. Another advantage of aluminum over hybrid steel is that it does not get easily tarnished. The residue of livestock or wet grass can cause discoloration in the entire look of the trailer if not cleaned properly. With aluminum this cleansing is easy while with hybrid steel cleansing can be done but it is difficult to do. The differences in price and the usability in raw materials of all aluminum construction make it more expensive than the standard steel hybrid. Hence, clearly aluminum has more advantages as compared to hybrid steel and preferred by many trailer companies as well as customers as the first choice.

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